Mecc.Al srl, founded in 1996, is one of the eight companies belonging to the largest Italian private industrial group in the sector of rolled aluminum products with a total annual manufactured volume of over 250,000 tons exported to 85 countries.
Mecc.Al is the company of the group specialized in the design and manufacture of heat sinks and mechanical support for the electronics industry. Using the most modern design and production technologies and last generation CNC machines, and through the experience and know-how of its Technical Department, Mecc.Al offers its customers a full range of aluminum heat sinks extruded, welded, assembled high-performance, clip systems and bonded fins, liquid cooled plates produced with different technologies. The latest product lines introduced and patented, Profilmecc and ProfileccPlus, complete the actual range. A range of products suitable for a wide variety of applications, from uninterruptible power supplies to network-communications, from power electronics to renewable energy, railway and automotive sectors.

Company Meccal