Using copper, stainless steel and aluminum tubes, pressed in base plates made from Mecc.Al’s own in-house manufactured aluminum alloys, we can design and produce an unlimited number of custom solutions for each individual project requirement. Our range also offers a series of plates with established dimensions usable for simpler applications already sized to include almost all the commercially available active components.


Mecc.Al can design embedded tube LCPs to be fully customized for the individual needs of each specific design, regardless of the application for which the plate is designed.

Aluminum alloys produced in our factory with different thermal and mechanical charateristics can be combined with extruded or electro-welded copper, stainless steel, and aluminum tube coils of all diameters and thicknesses, and fitted with connectors of all types both outside and inside the plate perimeter. We form the tube coils with a specific shape that maximizes both the tube adhesion and the size of the contact area between the heat sources and the tube itself. The tubes are mechanically assembled to the base plate using specific tools for each geometry, and high pressure hydraulic presses. The Mecc.Al exclusive section shape, pressed in the base plates without glues or resins, maximizes adhesion and minimizes any thermal impedance between the tube coil and the plate, both on the straight and curved parts of the design.

Different geometries in the construction of the base plate and the tube coil allow us to localize and concentrate the best dissipation performance in areas of the plate where the most critical interfaces are positioned, leading to optimised Thermal Conductivity, minimized mechanical and electrochemical resistance, and reduced overall cost: for every design need there is a custom solution, always effective and efficient.