Liquid cooled plates with through holes, the internal channels being obtained directly by extrusion or by deep drilling of solid plates. The channel circuit, whether extruded or tailor-designed, is created by sealing the channels both externally and internally at specific points with the use of watertight plugs positioned to define the desired circulation of the liquid within the plate.


Gun-drilled or through-hole technology is most suited to applications with no excessive cooling requirements, and where ease of manufacture and cost effectiveness are important. There are no constraints on the type of alloy which may be used, and no limit to the depth or diameter of the holes. This technology allows us the design freedom and unlimited customization possibilities to produce LCPs, air-liquid hybrid heat sinks, and fittings of any shape and characteristic.

There is no dimensional constraint on the 3 axes of the design volume and a variable drilling length is achievable depending on the diameter used. We use external and intermediate sealing plugs within the channels to create the desired internal flow routes, with inlet and outlet connectors for both internal and external fitting to the plate.