The most recent product line introduced, currently in the process of evolution and development, Fusion combines production technologies unique to the Mecc.Al Group. Continuous fusion of specific aluminum alloys, combining with copper, stainless steel, aluminum tube coils and empty channels inside molds are all characteristics of Fusion. Beyond the limits of available technology until recently, but now achieved.


Innovation and research into new technical solutions have always been Mecc.Al's strength. Manufacturing and industrial technologies have developed and evolved over 40 years of history within the various business units of the Mecc.Al Group, making it possible call on an a large and exclusive data base of cross-technological know-how.

Our partners' new R&D projects require more innovative solutions than those readily available on the market, which may no longer be sufficient to support increasingly sophisticated and complex applications.

Fusion is the technology that combines the Company's knowledge gained in the fusion of specific aluminum alloys with the experience of the design and production of LCPs with copper, stainless steel, aluminum tube coils and hollow channels. This involves the fabrication of pre-assembled tube coils crossing copper plates, before being combined in molds within the aluminum structure of the system being cooled. A limitless number of possible customizations without traditional constraints.