The latest new technologies made available by Mecc.Al.  Completely innovative production lines: totally custom made heat sinks but at  the same time with the standard solutions specifications. Made through mechanical assembling of base and fins or in monolithic version, utilizing an exclusive and patented technology, Profilmecc and ProfilmeccPlus guarantee superior thermal performances and mechanical specifications of unequivocal excellence.


Innovation Beyond any limits! ProfilmeccPlus completely redefines all dimensional limits currently available today with other technologies. ProfilmeccPlus is a monolithic heatsink completely flexible with regards to each individual design requirement: base width, length and base thickness; fin thickness and distance between fins. Aspect ratio up to 43:1. Freedom to design completely customised solutions without any ties, utilising a standard product.

Performance From raw material to finished product: Profillmecc and ProfilmeccPlus thermal performances are unique and, compared to our competitors best and most efficient heat sinks, they guarantee an average decrease in thermal resistance between 7 and 10%.

Exclusivity None of our competitors has the complete control of the whole production, from raw material to the finished product. This allows MeccAL to be the only company on the market to launch this kind of technological solution. There are no other alternatives to Profilmecc and ProfilmeccPlus.