Equipped with the most modern technologies, with a warehouse provided by more than 600 different extruded profiles, slabs of various alloys and coils of different thicknesses available on stock, adopting manufacturing processes supported by several multi pallet computer numerical controlled machines, Mecc.Al is able to manage orders for small and large quantities always providing the highest quality and timeliness deliveries. Thanks to the latest CADCAM design software, SolidWorks and SolidCAM, we can also provide effective solutions to complex projects, guaranteeing the full compliance to customer specifications from the very first stage of product design. The Quality Control is also supported by the use of 3-D Measuring machines and Height gauge machine.

The following technologies are available in our manufacturing plants:
• Automatic and semi-automating cutting machines
• Multi pallets CNC machines
• Presses
• Welding technologies: FSW-TIG-MIG certified UNI EN 15085-2 Class 2 e EN ISO 3834-3
• CAB ovens
• Polymer Sealing Machines
• Ultrasound washing system

Besides to every kind of mechanical machining, through own anodizing plant, Mecc.Al offers the possibility of the following finishing surfaces:
• Black or coloured anodizing
• Passivation - Chromate conversion coating
• Barrel finishing
• Raw
• Sandblasting
• Painting.

The production Meccal